Friday, September 14, 2007

My personal Giant and Backyard Giants

I apologize that it has been three long weeks since I have blogged here or added anything to Veggie Garden Info. As some of you already knew, for the past three years my dad had been battling prostate cancer, bone cancer and eventually even brain cancer. I had to take this time off from blogging and from work to be with him in his last days. His body finally gave up the fight last Friday, September 7th.

Although he is now absent from this earth, he is present with the Lord in heaven! I rejoice in that fact but even still it has been a sad time for me and my family.

I have always looked up to my dad. Even though he wasn't much taller than me, I've always thought of him as a giant with a giant heart. He was always an avid non-fiction reader and always said that you could learn how to do anything from reading. Almost 20 years ago, I took his advice and decided to learn about something I knew nothing about - organic gardening.

My mom had introduced me to vegetable gardening as a boy, but at that time I viewed it as all work and no fun. Just after college, I began reading every gardening book the library had and then put into practice what I learned. So now, I will think of my dad when I'm out in the garden.

Speaking of the love of reading, the love of gardening and of giants - I want to mention the new book by Susan Warren called "Backyard Giants: The Passionate, Heartbreaking, and Glorious Quest to Grow the Biggest Pumpkin Ever."

I was thrilled to receive an advanced reading copy a few weeks ago to review, but I haven't been able to finish the book or to write the review yet. I love the book so far and I can't wait to learn the outcome.

I feel bad about not posting a review like I promised, so for now I will direct you to Backyard Giants reviews by some of my favorite bloggers: Michelle at My Grandpa's Garden Stuart at Gardening Tips 'n' Ideas Steven at Dirt Sun Rain Emma at Garden-Ideas Colleen at In The Garden Online Hannah at This Garden is Illegal Genie at The Inadvertent Gardener Carol at May Dreams Gardens (Her comments about the book are at the end of this post)

Kenny from Veggie Gardening Tips went one step further and actually had the author, Susan Warren, as a guest writer. She discusses her own attempt to grow giant pumpkins.

I look forward to finishing the book. Pumpkins of any size are indeed fun! I think my pumpkins are too far behind thanks to my groundhog (still at large, by the way). Even though I probably won't get ripe pumpkins this year, I am enjoying the big blooms - the only thing blooming right now.

Thank you to all of you who have been worrying about me in my absence. Special thanks to Kenny, Curtis and Emma for the emails (which I have just got).

I will try to get back to posting regularly and managing Veggie Garden Info as well. It is still difficult to focus on things other than family right now, so bear with me if I'm slow in getting back to it. :)



Marc, I sorry to hear about your Dad, my deepest sympathies to you and your family.


I'm sorry to hear about your Dad. You and your family are in our thoughts and prayers.


hi marc, i've been thinking about you and wondering if you were struggling with something like this since i noticed that your blog hadnt been updated. i'll say a prayer for you and your family. what a nice post about your dad.


Marc, I'm also sorry to read about your Dad's passing away. What a lovely post you've written about him.


I'm so sorry about your dad. The picture of him looks like a nice, nice man. I'll keep you and your family in my thoughts this week.

Robin's Nesting Place

I'm sorry to hear about your dad. One thing about giants, they tend leave large empty holes. May God grant you peace and comfort and fill that void.


Marc - I'm so sorry to hear about your loss. How wonderful, though, to be there with him in his final days. You're in my thoughts.

Robin (Bumblebee)


I am sad to hear about your dad passing. I will be thinking about you here in the fall, the season of change.

--Robin (Bumblebee)


Marc, I'm very sorry for your loss. Please accept my sincere condolences.



I am so sorry to hear about your loss. You and your family will be in my prayers during this painful time.

Each time you open a book, or spend time in your garden, your dad will be there with you, because you have tied those things to his memory. It sounds odd, but every time I make pancakes, my grandmother (who was closer to me than my parents were) is right there with me, because that was the first thing she taught me to cook. Those who change our lives, and make us who we are, are never truly gone.

God bless, and take care.


So sorry to read of your Father's passing. My Dad passed away 28 years ago when I was in my early twenties. I often wonder what he would have been like, and how I would have related to him as an adult. You were blessed to have your Father as long as you did, and to be able to share your love of gardening with him.

C. R. Morris

Hi, I just found your blog today while searching "weight loss tools." Of course, I was directed to pictures of gardening tools. I grew up eating fresh vegetables and am quite spoiled now. I've always wanted my own garden and plan to do so one day. I clicked from "weight loss tools" to your front page and want to say I'm so sorry to hear about the death of your father. You have my prayers for strength and peace...until you are with him again!


Marc, I just saw this and wanted to say how very, very sorry I am -- I send my sympathies about your Dad, and I really enjoyed reading your post about him. Keeping you in my thoughts...


I enjoy reading your blog, but I am sad to hear about your dad. I hope you and your family and doing well and staying strong.


Marc, I am so sorry to hear of your Dad's passing, but glad that you could spend some time with him. He sounds like a special man. I lost my mother this year in February.
Have missed the posts on Veggie Garden Info, but be assured...people are more important than things!
My prayers and sympathy to you and your family.

Bare Bones Gardener

Another problem with giants is that they leave giant footprints that are very hard to fill for those who follow.

And you will find their footprints in the most azaming parts of your life. Including places you will not expect to find them.

My sympathies at this time. And the net and your friendswill still be there when family matters settle down

Gotta Garden

Oh, Marc, I am so sorry. Take care and know that your many blogging friends are thinking of you...

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