Tuesday, August 12, 2008

Olympic Sized Pink Tomatoes and Purple Beans!

Matron at Down on the Allotment posted a very creative vegetable olympic rings logo, and asked which veggies in your garden are worthy of the olympics. She asked which ones are FASTER, HIGHER or STRONGER than any others? Well I'd like to add BIGGER to that list and nominate my Glick's Brandywine tomatoes and my Chinese Red Noodle Beans.

My brandywines are more than a pound each!

This one weighed in at 1.8 pounds - a monster!

They are not supposed to weigh that much so I don't know what happened. They sure are big and delicious!

Even crazier than that are these Chinese Red Noodle Beans:

These beans are two feet long!

Look at them growing on the trellis compared to the Kentucky Wonder Beans next to them.

I measured them and they really are 24 inch pods!

It was hard to measure them accurately because our kitten Maggie kept playing with them and pulling the beans away.

I'm not really sure how to eat these Chinese Red Noodle beans. I'm going to try some smaller 18 inch pods in stir fry or simply sauteed. The only problem is that Maggie may eat them all before I can cook them. :)

Glick's Brandywine and Chinese Red Noodle Beans; Veggies of Olympic proportions!

Great post idea, Matron.



ha, I bet the cat would love those long beans. I have been waiting for my heirlooms to produce the heavy fruit, so far just small ones.
Check out my veggie garden blog:


But how do those giant beans taste? after all, the proof of the pudding is in the eating. I remember when I was small (we are talking 1960s!)my Father would let me choose the biggest tomato every year from which we took seed. He called it our genetic experiments. For years we grew huge tomatoes!


Those beans look awesome! Pretty easy to find them among the green leaves too! Do post about taste!


Wow, I usually check your blog pretty frequently and then all of a sudden, blam! You've got lots of great new posts.

Love the maters, beans, corn... it all looks fantastic!

I'm still waiting for my big tomatoes, I started them a little late, but I've gotten a couple smaller ones.

Great job!


wow is all I can say


Wow, you could probably braid some of those together and dry them like a garlic wreath for show.


You can pickle them. Add Sichuan pepper corn, garlic, ginger in brine. You might want to google for the exact recipe.


Wow I like the look of those Chinese Red Noodle beans, I've never heard of them before are they related to Yard Long Beans (Vigna unguiculata sesquipedalis)?


All these pictures are amazing...it looks like you have quite a harvest on your hands! Wow!



Wow your produce is growing well. Sara from farmingfriends


What about the white ones? I'm dying to see those!


Same thing here with my brandywines. I had four plans and one of them which i kept in a single stemp grew all its tomatoes over 1.5 pounds!. One of the weighted 2lbs and 4 oz.

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