Tuesday, April 7, 2009

Onions - a - Plenty

Recently Renee and I got to transplant our onion plants outside in two of our raised beds.

We are growing two different onion plants this year. Walla Walla is a yellow skinned large sweet onion and Superstar is our large mild white onion. Both are supposed to do well even in the north.

We will be planting various onion sets as well when we plant out the tomatoes and beans. We also have two types of leeks still growing inside under the lights (Carentan and Giant Musselburgh). To round out the Allium family, we have potato onions and several types of garlic that we planted in the fall. The large onion bed is right next to one of the garlic beds.

The garlic is growing very well.

If it weren't for all of these Alliums, the vegetable garden would still be pretty empty. Soon they will be joined by peas lettuce and cabbage. Then later comes the many warm season veggies. I can hardly wait!


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