Monday, March 8, 2010

Is Winter Really Over?

I actually got hot outside today while I was pruning the apple trees. It was 62 degrees and the snow is just about melted! Could winter be over? I don't think I can believe that since we have had record amounts of snow this year.

Here in Kentucky we didn't get near the snowfall that the east cost got, but we did get 27" in February and more that a foot of it all at once. It was hard to keep it off of the greenhouse.

Greenhouse in snow 1

My daughters favorite thing about having a greenhouse this winter was that when we were playing in the snow, we could go in there to warm up. It was also a great place to keep the sleds!

Greenhouse in snow 2

The only thing we could do in the garden was go sledding.

Sledding in garden 1

Sledding in garden 2

That picture was taken during one of our smaller snowfalls. Most of the time the garden beds have looked like this:

Garden in Snow

There was a lot more snow than we are used to. Even playing in it got us much more tired than usual.

Lots of Snow

It was our first winter as chicken owners. I learned that chickens do not like snow!

Chickens in snow 1

During the last snow, about eight inches blew into their pen and the girls refused to leave the coop. When they would jump down into the snow, they would squawk and flap around like they were being attacked! I actually had to shovel out the snow, put new wood chips down, and bait them out with lettuce from the greenhouse.

Chickens in snow 2

Chickens in snow 3

They still spent most of their time inside, but at least now they would come out to eat and drink. That's also about the time they start laying more eggs again. Now that it has been warmer, there are some days that every hen lays. Soon I will be able to let them back out in their grazing pen.

There will be a lot going on in the garden pretty soon too. I do have some early tomatoes and lettuce started and have much to share with you.

Most of the winter I have been writing pages for my new site (as opposed to this blog). Now I plan to turn my attention back to blogging, so stay tuned here.

In the meantime, check out one of my new pages. The ones I have done are Seed Starting, Beneficial Insects, Composting, Garden Bargains and Tomatoes! I hope to write more as well - Spring can be very busy and exciting.

So what do you think? Is Winter almost over?


Curbstone Valley Farm

Oh, I do hope the worst of your winter is over at least. Aren't chickens funny? They just don't like 'different'. We don't get snow here, so I've never seen our chickens react to it, but I can certainly imagine their hysterics at landing on frozen cold white stuff that you sink up to your tail-feathers in! Hope spring is there soon!


Seriously, that green house remind me my grandma's farmland. Those chicken as well. Every morning I went to get warm eggs..put it in my coat... smells like home..

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