Friday, January 26, 2007

Secret Fortune: Money Money Money!!!

My secret fortune has been revealed, and I like the sound of it - $ Money, Money, Money! What am I talking about? My kids bought their dear old gardening dad a little present. It was a small aluminum can called "Magic Sproutz Secret Fortunes".

I think they bought it at the Dollar General store. All you're supposed to do is pop the lid, add water and wait for a plant to grow and reveal your secret message! We didn't really believe anything would happen and nothing did for over a week. Then all of a sudden a large sprout pushed its way up and out and grew in to some kind of large bean plant!

The secret fortune was revealed even before the plant grew leaves however. As soon as the plant sprouted, it pushed up what was the largest seed I think I've ever seen which revealed the fortune in writing!

Each side was different. Money Money Money on one side and a dollar sign on the other. Here is a picture with me holding a quarter up to it for size reference.

This was a fun little novelty which I recommend if you can find one. It would be great for you gardeners who are itching to watch something grow. I wonder if there are different fortunes written on different ones. I just hope your secret fortune is as good as mine!



You can actually order these with a personalized message on them. There is a web site somewhere. My daughter got one a year or so ago for her grandmother, we too were anxious to see if it really worked, lo and behold, it did! Pretty nifty!!


Wow, thanks Angie! Personal message huh? I will have to look for that. I wonder what kind of bean it is. There is a lot of surface there for writing on. I also wonder what kind of ink they stamp on. It has to be pretty durable to not wash off with the watering. Lastly, I wonder if we could do it ourselves at home in our gardens!


do you know if it came from dollar general for sure? i want to grow them with my kids at school. i collected the money only to find them discontinued at the store i was going to buy them at! have you seen them anywhere?? thanks.


Yes, the one I grew came from Dollar General but it was bought at the end of the summer. I don't know if they carry them year round. There is a website written on the can. It is the name of the parent company or something. I will look at it and post what it is.


Someone was wondering about the ink. Actually, I read that they are laser etched. I got one for Easter, and it is just starting to break through the soil. I really cannot read it quite yet, but think it says Money, Money, Money. The website listed on the can leads nowhere.

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