Sunday, January 21, 2007

A Snow Day in the Garden!

After a week of planning this summer's garden on paper and ordering seeds and seed starting supplies, I was treated to a bit of reality today. We got our first snow of the winter, so this is what the garden currently looks like.

Since it was Sunday I got to enjoy the snow with my daughters. We had a lot of fun building a snowman and sledding.

Since there are no plants blooming outside, we have to get our natural color and energy from the birds.

So I guess it doesn't bother me that nothing is growing in the garden right now. For this season, all is as it should be. Besides, we are still making compost that will go into the garden this spring.



Hello Marc, Thanks for visiting and leaving a comment. Your cardinal photo is beautiful! We do get them occasionally but I haven't noticed any so far this winter.
These past couple of weeks have given us our first substantial snow falls...snow that has stayed on the ground and not melted within a couple of days. We've had cold temperatures and winds too.
I've enjoyed reading your posts. The insect pictures (and toad) are great...interesting observations too!
Have you tried Arrowhead corn from Harris seeds? It's an early one which holds its lovely sweet flavor well. They were sold out already when my hubby put his order in last week. I'll be interested to hear how you like the new corn you mentioned.
Sledding with your daughters looks like fun :)


Thank you Kerri for the kind words. Arrowhead corn huh? I looked it up and it does look like a winner - highly sought after. It is even selling on Ebay! I noticed there are a few other seed companies that offer it if Harris can not get any for you. I will keep you posted on how my Mirai 301BC performs. Thanks!

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