Sunday, March 4, 2007

Orchids for Green Thumb Sunday!

These are the orchids that my friend brought to me to look at:

I have to admit that I know very little about orchids. About all I know is that they are beautiful, and they look good for Green Thumb Sunday!

Since I know very little about them, I have to ask you (who hopefully knows more about orchids than I do) the question that my friend asked me. She has two orchids that she got about three years ago and they are still in the containers they came in. Here is a full picture of the one that is currently in bloom:

And here is what the pot of the other one looks like:

So the question is "what are those giant above ground roots, and are they normal? Do the orchids need to be repotted, and if so, why are they still blooming so nicely?

Gotta Garden is a blog I like to read that posts about orchids from time to time. She said that the roots are normal but they should probably be repotted. My friend is reluctant to do so since the orchids are doing so well in the pots that they are in. I would appreciate any further advice. Thanks!

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I'll qualify my comment by stating I am not an expert on orchids, but I do have a few. The arial roots are normal, and should be left alone.

I would also repot these, especially if they have been in those pots for several years. Make sure the new pots have excellent drainage and are a little bigger than those these are in now, and use a bag of orchid bark mix.


have no orchids but since joining GTS, I have decided to try one or two.

Gotta Garden

Oh my! You have made my day! Imagine being! Hey, those orchids look lovely; your friend is obviously doing something right! I don't think repotting is urgent...only a suggestion...and suggestions can easily be disregarded. As long as they bloom like that, I'd be happy!


Hi! Found your blog through Alameda Garden...I'm enjoying your post about orchids! I want to try growing one myself...thanks for sharing info!

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