Thursday, February 28, 2008

Finally Updating my Garden Blog Blogroll

This is my 2nd year writing at Garden Desk. It's funny to think about this, but a year ago I remember saying to myself "I wonder if there are many other garden related blogs out there". At that time I only knew of a few! I read Veggie Gardening Tips, Compost Bin and May Dreams Gardens and that was about it. In the beginning, as I would find more blogs that I enjoyed, I would add a link to them in my sidebar. As the months went on and I began to realize that there are many many good gardening blogs, I slacked off on adding the links.

Recently I became convicted of this. I would visit a blog I haven't read before and see that they had already added Garden Desk to their blogroll. Wow! I realized that I wasn't returning the favor and I had no valid reason for this. Then I said to myself "I hope all of these great bloggers don't think that since I don't have a link to their blogs, that I don't link to them."

I have recently gone through all of my bookmarks and rss readers and compiled a true list of the garden blogs that I read. I'm sure I have missed some and I'm sure that there are still good garden blogs out there that I have yet to discover.

So to anyone reading this who owns a blog and who have linked to GardenDesk or Veggie Garden Info, I thank you. I hope that your blog now shows up on my list. If not, let me know and I will try to include it. I have cleared away space in the sidebar to accommodate a pretty long list. If it gets too long, maybe I can figure out how to make a scrollable list like Playing in the Dirt's Green Thumb Blogger list.

It amazes me that there are sooooo many gardening blogs out there, but what really amazes me is that there are so many really good ones. I love learning from other gardeners, so if you have a good blog that's not on my list, I'd love to hear from you.

Thanks, and happy garden blogging!


Greg W

Hi Marc, I have to confess I did the same thing you did. Once I learned about Google Reader I stopped adding blogs to my blog roll.

It had nothing to do with not liking what I found, quite the contrary. I added a lot of garden blogs to my reader and forgot about the blogroll. Once I realized what I had done I added those I used RSS feeder links to onto my blogroll.

Now when I find another good blog I add them to both. Incidently, both Garden Desk and Veg Info are on my blogroll. Thank-you


Thanks Greg. I have just added your Utah Valley Gardens site to my blogroll as well.

Curtis, Growing Thumbs

I also have been very lazy about updating my blogroll since going to self hosted blogging.


That is a pretty good quality list you have there!


I love your Veggie Garden Info Marc, I can just flick through new and exciting blogs at the touch of a button.



I also love Veggie Garden Info.

I just don't don't have much time these days to go looking for new blogs. Not only do you do all the work for me, but you go to the trouble of making preview posts. I really appreciate all the trouble you go to.


I know how you feel...I'm still amazed at how many garden blogs (and photography blogs, birding blogs, political blogs, etc., etc...) there are to enjoy and link to! It's very hard to keep up...but all one can do is try!


you haven't posted in a while Marc. Can you please post an update of your seedlings, specially the tomato ones?. Thank you!

P.S. By the way, my 4th of July are doing just fine. Today is there official 30 day since planted from seed and they are about 4 inches high. 3rd set of leaves already on them. I have about 20 of them, i meant to only grow 10 but the truth is that i did not think they all where going to germinate.

This weekend, i will be planting the rest of the tomato plants (I have 8 varieties total). About 6 of each.

Spring is coming and weather is getting nicer here in RI. I am also going to do what you did last year, plant outside my 4th of July's the 1st of May. I am planning to use Milk plastic containers with the bottom cut off, to place over tomato plants and protect them from light frost. Wish me luck!


Thank you to all who commented and thanks to Patrick and Matron for the kind words about Veggie Garden Info.

I really need to get back to work with VGI and as Johnnathan has pointed out, here at GardenDesk too!

Johnnathan - I will write about the tomatoes again very soon. Thanks for the interest. I'm excited to hear about your progress as well. I do have to point something out to you though - If your seedlings are already 30 days old, they will likely be too big for milk jug cloches in May. If they aren't too big, then you've stunted their growth by keeping them for too long in small containers and your early planting efforts will be for not. I'm not trying to be negative. It points out the difficulty of starting early tomato plants inside. You have to fight between them getting too large and when to risk putting them out.

I'm planning to cover my early tomatoes outside with plastic sheets over a wooden A-Frame. I will post about it soon. First I will be posting about my new cold frame though.


I just love finding new veggie-blogs on your info site. As you know 'I don't do flowers' so I love to find new blogs who do veggies. So much information to share, ideas to be had, seeds to swap.. and even people to meet!

Ellen Kirby

I love the image or your desk in the garden. What a great idea. I'm going to get a bench as my "desk". My blog is How I Love to GArden at kirbyplant.blogspot

I would love to be on your list of blogs. I will add yours to my list.


see my virtual garden :)



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If you continually replenish soil humus by adding compost (or another source of humus such as well-rotted manure), and if you choose plants that are well suited to your soil type, climate, and your growing conditions, you will have fewer problems in the garden.So what is humus exactly? Quite simply, it's the stuff that makes soil come alive. Basically, it consists of the decayed remains of once living materials, most commonly plant residues and animal manures.


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