Thursday, February 21, 2008

Silverbeet Rainbow Swiss Chard for the Growing Challenge

I keep reading about garden bloggers (and even non-gardening bloggers) taking the growing challenge from Elements in Time.

It seems like a great challenge about growing something edible from seed that you never have before. Well, I want to play!

At first I thought I would declare Violet Queen Purple Cauliflower as my newbie. Violet Queen is a variety of cauliflower that I learned about from Tiny Farm Blog. It grows bright purple heads that look like broccoli! I have never grown purple cauliflower before but I have grown both normal cauliflower and broccoli. So I thought that maybe Violet Queen is not the best entry for the Growing Challenge.

So I thought some more. What do I want to grow that I never have before? Then, as I was going through my seed stash it hit me - Five Color Silverbeet, rainbow Swiss Chard! The seeds I have are from Baker Creek Heirloom Seeds, but they were given to me by Kenny of Veggie Gardening Tips. I have never raised or even eaten swiss chard, which I guess is also called silverbeet. Thanks again for the seeds Kenny!

Come to think of it, Kenny also gave me some of his famous Potato Onions, which I already planted in the garden last Fall. I have never grown Potato Onions before either.

So I guess I really have three entries to keep track of and report on this season for the Growing Challenge:

  • Violet Queen Purple Cauliflower
  • Five Color Silverbeet - Swiss Chard
  • Potato Onions!
  • I'm pretty excited about these. I'm also excited to read about everyone else's growing challenges as the season progresses. Come on Spring!



    These all sound great, Marc! Any idea if "Five Color Silverbeet" is the same as "Bright Lights?" I'm growing "Bright Lights" this year. I usually grow "Ruby Chard," which is delicious, but I got some "Bright Lights" in a trade this year and I can't wait to try it.

    I'm looking forward to your Growing Challenge posts!


    What great newbie veggies Marc! I am only growing 2 new ones this year.


    I've always wanted to try chard. Hmmm... it's not too late yet. :)


    I've been growing Swiss Chard 'rainbow lights' for several years now, I'm hooked! Completely hardy, intensely colourful and much tastier than spinach.

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