Friday, July 25, 2008

Producing Prolific Produce!

July has seen great yields from the vegetable garden. Our new harvesting containers are these "Peach Baskets", and now it is taking three or four baskets to bring in all that is ripe.

July has been the month of the tomatoes, cabbage, onions, garlic, green beans, potatoes, zucchini, cucumbers, and now peppers and okra.

Regardless of what else is in the basket, there are always tomatoes. The extra-early tomato plants have done very well - we are now at 400 ripe tomatoes picked! The main season tomatoes are beginning to come in and my wife says it is time to stop counting the number of tomatoes harvested. I'll probably still try to sneak a count though.

Every time we bring a basket in, our cats Macy and Maggie have to check out what is new.

I can't let them look for long because they soon begin to want to sample the veggies. See Maggie licking her lips?

We quickly put everything away in the kitchen and set the baskets down to be ready for the next harvest day. Sometimes the cats think they can get a head start on us by hanging out IN the baskets!

July has gone by way too fast! I have been overly busy. Sorry that I haven't been able to post or comment on other garden blogs. My normal job has been very busy. I work in management at a large television production company and we are in the process of moving our entire operation to a new building - hectic! I will be working the next couple of weekends as well.

I have still had time to tend the garden though, and it is doing very well. I have many pictures and a few stories to share when I get caught up.

I have a few posts in my mind ready to go and pictures to go with them. Please let me know which one of these you would like me to write first. Maybe I can squeak out one or two of them in the midst of the move. Here are the posts I have in mind:

  • How my corn is doing and the extraordinary pest deterrents I am employing.
  • How my new experiment with extra high raised beds are doing well and why.
  • My first attempt at worm composting. The success and failure and surprises I've seen.
  • This years tomato support systems.
  • How great the trellises are doing now that they are covered with pole beans.
  • This years chronicle of a nest of baby robins growing up in front of my camera.
  • Another garden insect photo safari.
  • An update on the potatoes in the garbage can.<.li>
  • My plans for the Fall garden.
See, I've still been active in the garden and thinking about posting. I just haven't been able to do it.

So what is the main one or two items in the above list that you would like to read about and see pictures of? I will begin posting these things in about a week.

Thank you for your continued patience and happy gardening!



The corn post and the potatao post, please!
P.S: LOVE the pictures of your produce.


Another vote for the potatoes! We're thinking of doing the trash can thing next year, and I'd love to hear your tricks. Plus, I can't wait to see just how many 'taters were hiding out in there.

Kelli Simone

Your harvest is beautiful. I, like the cats, am getting hungry just looking at the veggies.

I like the trash can potatoes. I am thinking of doing that next year. ~ksp


....we're doing worm composting too and our fall planning is happening now...i vote for those..


I would love to hear about the extra high raised bed system. And the potatoes. And everything else but those would be my first two.

Lori Phillips

How to choose??? I hope you find time to write them all, but how about the raised beds and the Fall garden plans first? Thanks for your blog, it is always entertaining and informative.


WOW!!!! 400 Tomatoes!!! I hope I get one this year! I found your site earlier this month and love it. It took me a day or so to read the whole thing. I am all excited and want to try and do my own seedlings this winter. But I do have a wedding to plan as well.

Tiffany N

Can I be really selfish and greedy and say that I am really looking forward to reading all those topics? I am a fellow Kentuckian raising my first big garden and have borrowed many of your ideas successfully. I can' t wait to learn more.
P.s. Your cats are adorable.


I vote for a post on why you like the extra-high raised beds. I'm going to be making some of my 6 inch deep beds into 10, 12 or even 18 inch deep beds next spring. Convince me that it's worth buying and moving more than 1 truckload of black dirt! :)


Fantastic photos, and I just LOVE those peach baskets - and I see so do your cats. Any further movement on your veggie garden info site? I miss reading the updates.


I would love to hear how you deal with the bugs! I can't seem to keep them off my veggies. They destroyed my cucumbers and squash and most of my cantaloupes and watermelons. I'd like to stay organic but these guys are forcing me to sprinkle some sevin dust at this point.
And I'd also like to hear about your potato cans!


Beautiful harvest you've got there.

Good job!


This is the first year we've had a home, so we've started and lovingly tended 19 tomato plants, a "three sisters" corn bed (corn, various squashes and string beans), plus raised beds of soy beans and 2 kiddie pools with lettuces, radishes and carrots. Cucumbers, melons, eggplant, okra, peppers and more are elsewhere. Our potato tire towers died. We have eaten about 20 tomatoes (yellow pear, red cherry, romas and some small yellow circles that we have no clue as to what they are!). I dehydrated our first batch of yellow squash yesterday. I love reading your blog and hope you're interested in reading ours! Thanks! Vikki


Great harvest! I just found your blog and I'm jealous! Though we both have two cats and apparently the same harvesting basket. Cute pics! Now I'm hungry!


Funny how your cats want to get so involved. Be careful, my cat Gizmo decided he likes Purple Pimento peppers. I picked some and left them on the kitchen counter, only to discover he ATE them! All 5!

Muddy Boot Dreams

Just love the photo of the kitties in the basket, I might have to try and get Bootsie one of his own. Jen

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