Thursday, July 3, 2008

Surpassing our 100th tomato harvested!

My daughters were excited to take a picture of this Orange Blossom tomato because it was the 100th tomato picked this season!

After picking the rest of the 4th of July, Early Girl and New Girl tomatoes the count elevated to 136!

We know for sure that the count is 136 because our kitten Maggie counted them again for us!



Wow you count. I'm never organized enough to do something like that. I ought to. It would be nice to see what produces best.


We don't usually count the harvest. It started with me and my daughters counting how many early tomatoes we could get before the date of the first tomato from last year. I had a big emphasis on the early ones this year. Since we started counting, we've decided to keep counting to see if we make it to 1000. I bet we will - possibly 2000 if we count the cherry tomatoes too.


How many tomato plants did you plant?


So far we are only harvesting from nine early variety tomatoes. I started about 30 different varieties from seed and planted one or two of each out in the garden. So I think I have 50 to 60 plants - most being heirlooms.

The Cheap Vegetable Gardener

Got me jealous my tomoatoe plants have just started flowering. But guess it is a good thing since my garlic, cliantro, and onions are not ready for the garden salsa quite yet.


What a stunning tomato that orange blossom is? Just so many thousands of varieties to choose from these days. Here in the UK we are getting lots of new, exciting and strange varieties coming from Eastern Europe and Russia.


marc - 100 tomatoes before I ever get the first one. so unfair! I did notice that one of the little ones on the Husker Cherry is turning reddish so I'm hoping that the tomatoes I bought at the farmers market yesterday will be the last bought tomato for a long long time.


Lol! ...and i am still waiting for my first tomato! :D

I am glad things are looking out for you.


Someday I'll have the garden space to grow like that...

Spectacular crop so far, looking forward to seeing the rest!


I think we are going to start a veggie garden. It's all new to me since all I grow are flowers and a couple of fruit trees. I'm looking forward to it! Cute kitty by the way :)

Gill - That British Woman

here in southern Ontario, I haven't even picked my first tomato yet. They are a long way off from being ready.....its been a bad year for me for tomatoes.

Gill from Canada


Your garden and tomatoes look great. Congrats on reaching 100 tomatoes. I'm stuck on 63 at present, but hoping for quite a few more when the weather cools down some this Fall.


Amazing! You clearly have a larger garden than I. I've got two tomato plants and am hoping to harvest my first tomato in the next few weeks.

Truely amazing!

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