Sunday, November 2, 2008

Fall Gardening Continues

This week the weather is going to be nice, but last week's low temperatures got down in the 20s. I have been keeping everything covered with row covers.

The hoops are there to put plastic over when it gets really cold. I still need to cut a piece of greenhouse plastic to go on them.

This is one of the beds that broccoli is growing in.

I did cover the hoops with a small piece of plastic and sheets on the coldest nights, but we have had frost several other nights with just the row cover as protection. The broccoli florettes still look good, but some of the leaves were damaged by the frost.

A few of the broccoli heads are large enough to pick now, but there are others that still need a week or so. Next weekend we will undoubtedly be eating fresh broccoli and broccoli casserole. Hopefully, there will still be plenty left at the end of the month as well for Thanksgiving. Yum!



I love broccoli and wish my fall-planted ones were that large. Maybe in a few weeks!


Asides from the frost damage your broccoli has do really well. When did you plant them? Transplants or seeded?

I planted transplants the last week of august, the plants look great but they are just starting to form flower heads. I am not holding out much hope for any harvest as it is getting so late and cold.


Great to hear they survived. I had read not to allow plastic to touch the leaves or the frost would get through. Seems that was the case with yours. My hoops are up so I'm hopeful the frosts we've been getting won't hurt anything.

Of course, your garden looks so much better than mine. Bravo!


I'm going to be doing this as well. I actually built a cold fram and filled it with carrots after reading Elliot Coleman's Four Season Harvest. I have high hopes for these carrots. Next year I think broccoli will be great too.

Great job. It's always encouraging to see other people doing things like this.


Great little hoop covered beds! I'll need to get mine up soon too. Your brococoli looks lovely!


I agree, I think the plastic over the hoops will be better for your plants than letting the cover touch them.

Still, they look really great. When I get the chance I am definitely growing some broccoli of my own.

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