Thursday, February 19, 2009

Eye Grow: New Fun Gardening toy for kids!

You never know where you might find a fun garden-related item. I usually start looking at all of the garden centers this time of year to try to find a cure for my Spring Fever. Every once in a while you discover something when and where you're not even looking. This happened to me last weekend when my family went to Michael's craft store because my daughter was looking for something to use on her American Girl Doll website. That's where I found these cool little "Eye Grow" plants at Michael's.

The "heads" are actually a nylon mesh filled with soil. The top of head is contains ryegrass seeds that grow to become the hair.

These remind me of the Chia Pets a little, but I like these Eye Grows better. I think they are more fun for kids because they are pretty cheap and very colorful with big cartoon-like eyes. Each one comes with a sticker sheet of mouths so you can design the expression yourself.

I searched the Internet to find out more about them and found nothing. The company listed on the Eye Grow boxes is Sourcing International. When I searched for Sourcing International, all I found is a site about their Grow-A-Head products. Here is one of the pictures from that site, their grow-a-pets:

I've never seen these before. It's strange that they don't mention their Eye Grow products at all. I couldn't find any references to the eye-grow anywhere on the Internet.

I can't wait to start these growing. I am giving some of them to my niece and nephew, but I will post pictures of the ones we keep as soon as their grass hair has grown out. These are perfect for a little Winter gardening fun. A year or so ago, we had fun with the Magic Sproutz secret message plants in a similar way. Come to think of it, I haven't been able to find those again either.

So what do you think about the Eye Grow plants? Has anyone else seen these? Would you buy them if you saw them, or am I just a big kid for thinking they are cool? I'd love to hear your thoughts!



How fun! I can easily see my kids getting hooked on this




yes, those are fun aren't they!


what fun - for kids and also for big kids like me! Thanks for great post.

Chiot's Run

I love these. We got one for our nieces & nephew. They love it. Fun for kids and adults!


Those are great! A couple years ago, Family Fun magazine had instructions on making these. We never did make them, but they're on our list for this year!!


Oh my gosh, I love these things too. I can not find them anywhere other than Micheal's either, and only sometimes. I find it weird also that you can not purchase them on line. I have ten of them in my office and my co workers have been making trips to Micheal's too becasue they are very fun and add a little bit of green to the office :)

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