Monday, July 2, 2007

Perfect Pepper!

For some reason, I have never been able to grow adequate bell peppers. I know, I know, peppers are easy to grow. Bell Peppers have never been easy for me. It's a curse. Well this year, the curse has been lifted!

It's a big and beautiful green pepper! To be exact it is a Park's Whopper bell pepper. We ate half of it in stir fry last night, and the other half in a salad today and it was delicious. The plants have several more almost ready too. So what did I do different this year? The only thing I can think of that helped break my curse is my Great Big Plants liquid compost that I got from

You can read more about Great Big Plants in my previous post about it.

I can't wait till the next whopper pepper is ripe. The next one is getting grilled with some garden fresh onions! I'll stop there. This is supposed to be a gardening blog, not a cooking blog.

Happy gardening! (and cooking and eating!)


Gotta Garden

What a pepper! Great photo, too!

They sent me some of the GBP and I'm excited to try it. I'm going to put it on my daylily seedlings that are just now going in and so behind the others. Will be interesting to see how they compare.

But, I came over to tell you...I did it! I put up my seven random things...yikes!


Very nice! I didn't plant peppers this year, but they're on my list for next time! Happy Gardening!! :)


Early tomatoes, big peppers, a new veggie blog. Sounds like a great year in the garden for you. Congratulations.

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