Sunday, April 29, 2007

Organic Gardening and Great Big Plants!

My garden is an organic garden. I don't use any kind of chemical fertilizer or pesticides. I don't consider myself an environmentalist though and I don't try to make other gardeners feel guilty if they use chemicals. I simply think my flowers and especially my vegetables are far better by not using chemicals.

So what do I use for fertilizer? Lots of compost. I believe in feeding the soil instead of feeding the plants. A properly fed soil WILL feed the plants. I do have a bit of a problem however. I have expanded my vegetable, fruit and decoration gardens quite a bit this year and I don't have a sufficient amount of compost right now. Time for some 10-10-10 right? No way!

I am going to turn to a new product to help me out. It is an organic liquid compost enriched concentrate called Great Big Plants.

I have never tried it before but it sounds very promising. The company that makes it calls it "The Energy Drink for Plants". Here is a little of what they have to say about their Great Big Plants:

What's The Big Deal?
Great Big Plants is a concentrated organic liquid compost mixture that invigorates soil, producing maximum plant growth with minimum effort. The Big deal is bigger, brighter blooms; deeper, more emerald greens and plump, tastier fruits and vegetables.

I hope all of that is true. You can find much more information about the product at In addition to using this liquid compost on my garden in general, just for fun I plan to grow a side-by-side comparison. I will use Great Big Plants on one side of a bed and not on the other. I will document and photograph the difference, and share the results in a future post.

I can't wait to get those early tomatoes that are in the picture's background planted outside. I will give them a boost with Great Big Plants so I can brag about them and many other plants on future Green Thumb Sunday posts. Happy Green Thumb Sunday! Be sure to visit other Green Thumb Sunday participants!

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Interesting...I'm definitely looking forward to hearing how it goes for you. Sounds like good stuff. I'm wondering if something similar would work well for me, since I'm directly sowing so many seeds this year -- it means I'm going to need to give those seeds an energy boost to really get them growing quickly. This is the disadvantage to not starting indoors, but I just couldn't bring myself to do it this time around.


it's going to be fun to keep track of your experiment.


A friend of mine blogged about this a couple of weeks ago and now I'm seeing it again. I'll be watching your experiment with interst also!

Got my GTS up late, but it's there now!


I love the name, simple, to the point. GREAT BIG PLANTS. I look forward to see how it works.

My favorite liquid grow juice is worm tea from my worm cmposter. The only problem is you don't get a lot of it. And picking them up and trying to sqeeze more out of them doesn't work very well either.

Greg II

Looks great. About how much does the organic fertilzer cost? My family have a small nursery near Charleston SC, and I am trying to make fertilizers and composts to use for our plants and to eventually sell. I hope to have our entire plant business "green" by mid-spring.
Greg II

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