Sunday, April 15, 2007

Magic Sproutz For Green Thumb Sunday!

I have written several times before about The Spinmaster Magic Sproutz Secret Fortunes plants. We have just grown two more of them and our new fortunes are "Adventures Await", and "Long Live".

The symbols on the other side are a sun and a horseshoe. If those secret fortunes are referring to the garden this year, I like them! Adventures, long life, luck and plenty of sunshine - sounds like a winner!

My family enjoys these Secret Fortunes plants but I would like to find some of the new Disney Magic Bean Message Plants. Has anyone seen these?

They appear to be just like the Secret Fortunes Plants, but the cans have Disney characters like Mickey Mouse and Winnie the Pooh on them. You also get to pick the message ahead of time. Messages are things like, "I Love You", "Thank You" and "Happy Birthday" so you can give them as gifts.

I have not seen them in person. Robin commented on one of my Magic Sproutz posts about them. She found a website in Hong Kong called Sun's Collection selling them. That's where I got the above pictures. Does anyone know if these are available in the United States?

These Spin Master Magic Sproutz products sure are mysterious. They are very hard to find in stores, and there is not a lot of information online. That is why I keep bringing them up. People are contacting me with questions about them, but I don't really know much. All I know is that my daughters gave me one last year as a gift and we really liked it. We then found them again later for $1.00 each at Walmart in the discount toy bin.

These really are neat little novelty plants. As far as I could find out, the plant is called Jack Bean or Sword Bean, which is also called the Chickasaw Lima bean, Brazilian broad bean and other names. These are cool, but why are they hard to find?

Here's the beef with these products as I see it; They are marketed as toys! Spinmaster Company, if you are reading this, please understand that you are missing a huge market by not showing these to us gardeners! We are the ones that can appreciate them. Our kids are the ones who would want these, not regular kids that happen to see them at Wal-Mart or Dollar General while they are looking for their favorite action figure. You need to put them on the shelf next to potting soils and seed trays at all the box stores where we spend insane amounts of money this time of year because we just can't wait to get our hands dirty and plant something!

These Magic Sproutz products, especially the Disney Magic Beans, need to be put right next to the Jiffy Kid seed cups. Have you seen those? My kids just had to get one of each kind:

These Jiffy cups are just a peat pot with a soil disc and a seed! Not near as cool as the Magic Sproutz Secret Fortunes. They need to be more readily available. Sorry about the rant. Do you agree with me?

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I think the Magic Sproutz message beans are far cooler... having just spent the past week with a 6-year old, I can just imagine how much fun she would have with these ... oh and so would I ... I like the messages!

Good gardening!


Fun stuff.... I may have to check em out.

Crafty Gardener

I grew some magic beans last year ... so much fun to watch.


That is sooooo creepy and yet so cool. Now that that they are producing seeds that are into branding will seeds that come with their cotyledons pierced be next?



I love this whole concept! Must talk to the kid about making me a grandbaby to share them with, lol! I had never seen these before, but I agree - they'd sell very well in the gardening department, probably better than they do placed with the toys.


I bought one of these for my 7yo son last Christmas. We just opened it a couple weeks ago. I was very impressed with how fast it sprouted and how much it has grown in such a short time. The main stem is probably 3 feet long now and has several sets of leaves. The first and biggest set of leaves are about as big as my outstretched hand. My only questions is.....what do I do with it now. I have no idea what kind of plant this is, or how to care for it. I do not really have a "garden" where I could plant it. Any suggestions?


Oh, and one more thing. My 7yo son loves watching this thing grow. He has always enjoyed planting seeds and watching them grow, but has a short attention span. So, anything that took longer than a few days to sprout lost his interest. This sprouted in just a few days and has such tremendous growth that he is still very excited about it. We have another one that is a gerbera daisy, but has not had much growth. Very fun to watch!


Just found 2 new Ebay auction items for these Magic Sproutz Plants. You can buy 8 of these plants or a whole case of 24. Either way they are much cheaper than any other's I have found. Here are the ebay items if you care to look:

EBAY Item # 130127636112


Good Luck!

shirley toler

just want everone to know how much fun it is to grow the jack bean plant mine has four bean pod over fourteen inchs long last year i had lots of luck also i live at a assited living so every one has all so enjoyed watching the beans get big


hope someone can help me now that i have these fourteen inch beans when should i pick them to save for next summer? the plant is still growing and i dont want to pick to soon help if you can

im again asking for help as to when i should pick my beans pods i dont want to pick to early as i did last year so please help
oct 2 2007


I found mine accidentally at Toys 'R' Us, for $1. It was in a random spot, and I searched the store for another one, no luck that day, haven't been back. It's growing beautifully, in my cube at work. Something to look forward to every day!


I got mine 2 years ago!I just planted mine!


I got mine two years ago! I hope it will still grow.

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