Sunday, April 22, 2007

For Green Thumb Sunday: A Guinea Pig's Garden?

Green Thumb Sunday is about showcasing what you have growing in your gardens. Well this Green Thumb Sunday, I am being upstaged by Sammy, my daughters guinea pig. Everything I have planted outside in the garden has done poorly so far but Sammy seems to be a master gardener!

She has planted a nice garden in the corner of her cage.

I don't know how she did it, I guess she does have a green thumb. But wait, guinea pigs don't even have thumbs!

Seriously, we just notice those sprouts yesterday morning. Obviously she spilled some of the seeds from her food bowl and her water bottle dripped on them. She spends most days out of her cage playing with her guinea pig brother, Fizzy. That would explain how the seeds could have undisturbed time to germinate.

The sprouts must have been there for a couple of days without my family noticing. We all got a pretty good laugh when my daughter saw it and exclaimed that Sammy's garden is doing better than ours.

It's not good to be out done by a guinea pig. I hope I grow better tomatoes than she does!

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very sweet :)


That's very cute - when does she become your official undergardener?


You go Sammy. He knows all it takes are some seeds, straw, water, and last but not least fertilizer.


Great story! I'm so glad my cats are not into gardening. Shhhh . . don't tell them about the catnip I'm growing outside.


A welcome to the latest Green Thumb What a great lttle garden he's growing.


That is too funny! At least your pet grows plants instead of destroying them....

Petunia's Gardener

How fun. The best garden yet! I was just excited to see the wild rabbit eating dandelions tonight. At least he is helping, rather than eating the garden.


We had guinea pigs when I was young, but I don't remember them being so handy to have around, lol! To tell you how long ago it was, they were named for our then-favorite celebs: Hoss, Little Joe, Adam and Pollyanna!

Hope your garden come along looking perky soon! Late again visiting for GTS.

gardenmomma (Chris)

She's a natural pet for a gardener's family!


Pretty good garden for a guinea pig! Fun post! :-)


Well it's obvious to me what you need to do about your outside garden. Get more guinea pigs.


Please please tell me that that isn't the cage that you keep your Guinea Pig in. The cage is absolutley tiny! I wouldn't keep a hamster in it.

Please if you care for your daughters pet at all please look into getting a larger more suitable cage.

Refer to for ideas and also go to where you will find everything you need to know about caring for a Piggy.

Please take note, your Piggy will thank you for it!


I agree that it is a small cage. She sleeps in it after a long day of playing with her brother piggy in the play yard or loose in my daughter's room. They seem to enjoy being separated at the end of the day to sleep next to their owners beds.

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