Wednesday, April 11, 2007

Dogs and Cats; Down on the Farm for Wordless Wednesday!

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Jarid & Caydon's Wishlist

Lovely pictures. I can't believe the cat isn't interesed in that chicken. Totally looking away from a yummy bird, it must be a vegeterian cat.


I love these shots. We had dozens of chickens when I was growing up and the cats always stayed far away from them. My favorite shot is the old barn. I'm a big fan of old and abandoned buildings.


Awesome pictures.


This is my brother's farm that we got to visit this weekend.

You are right Rayne, the barn is neat. It is over 100 years old.

And about the cat and chicken - I was poised with the camera to capture the confrontation. I wish it was a video camera because it was pretty funny. The cat first approached the chicken in a hunting manner. The hen's reaction was to quickly turn her back and walk away as if to say "talk to the tail feathers"!

Look at the pictures again. I think the cat knows she was insulted and is a bit embarrassed.


Quite a menagerie :-)


Great photos; they seem to come alive. I especially like the photo of the cats since I am a cat person.

Happy WW!

Denise Patrick

Beautiful pics. The puppy and the gray cat are just adorable. I can just imagine what they're thinking.

Thanks for dropping by my WW.

Callie Ann

Fun Fun fun. Nothing better that a farm to explore so many cool things.


OMG! Our Wordless photos go together, lol. What great shots! The pig kiss here AND at my page belong together, tee hee hee.


Wow, lots of different animals! I've never been that close to animals like that.

Thanks for visiting!


Oh my goodness what an arrangement. Kids paradise


I love farm pictures. Those are some healthy hogs!


I love all these photos, there great :-). Happy WW


Boy that takes me back to when I was a young 'un!
I had a pet hen who chased off a stray dog. Ms. Kitty was wise not to take on those chickie claws!
I'm such a citified girl now I'd have a real bad time if I had to eat anything on a farm but eggs!!!


That does look like a fun place to be. Can ya tell I've been in the city too long?
Happy WW!


Great pictures! And that is the most adorable puppy I've seen since... well, since my dog was a puppy. :)


Your pictures are just wonderful! I love the chickens and the kitties and well, everything...


Thank you Laura and everyone else! I guess when it comes to pictures, you can't miss when you photograph animals!

See you next Wordless Wednesday!


I love the pic of the kitten with the hen-looks like the cat is asking "What do you want me to do with THIS?"

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