Sunday, April 8, 2007

Green Thumb Sunday Dafodills and Happy Easter!

This is the coldest Easter Sunday that I can remember. Right now it is 27 degrees! Our daffodils are frozen and gone now, but a week ago they were beautiful!

I took these pictures the day before the weather went to below freezing. Actually, it was pretty cold standing in that rain to get the photos!

This unusual cold we are having will make this Easter have far fewer flowers than usual, but that is okay. Easter is wonderful because our Savior lives!

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Crafty Gardener

Lovely daffodils. I won't be seeing mine for awhile. On this chilly Easter weekend I'm potting up canna root and other plant roots for Green Thumb Sunday.

gardenmomma (Chris)

Your daffodils are beautiful. I'm glad you snapped then when you could! We got pretty chilly last night, but it seems the flowers have weathered the storm.


Gorgeous daffodil photos! I love the rain drops on them too.

Happy Easter!

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I love your daffodils!! Mine are drooping from the cold and snow. :-( I wish I'd cut some of them to bring in, because we sure can't enjoy them outside at the moment.


A lovely cheery photo of the daffs. Love the photo of your cat...really made me smile.


So lovely! Such a shame they were lost, but at least you got to enjoy them for a while and capture them in photos before they were gone. Visiting for Green Thumb Sunday!


Glad you snapped the Daffodils before the cold got them.They are beautiful flowers.I love them as they mark the progression here between winter to Spring.They are like yellow flags, waving in the wind.There must be millions in the UK in window boxes, pots, borders, in public displays, on grass verges by roads.
The British love masses of Daffodils!


I think I may be the only one around the blogosphere that doesn't have Daff's blooming right now.

Nice pic.

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