Saturday, June 14, 2008

Gardening, Children and Friends; A Winning Combination!

I have always loved seeing my daughters enjoying the garden. Recently they had some friends over and they all joined in the act. They picked and ate all of the ripe strawberries before I could even get the camera. Then they set out to pick the peas.

These were Maestro Peas and they were magnificent with eight to ten peas per pod!

After the girls filled their bowls with these plump pea pods, they retreated to their treehouse to shell the peas.

They had so much fun with it. They did not consider it work.

They were surprised how many peas they had ready for the kitchen by the time they finished.

We cooked them for supper that night and we all thought they were delicious except for one friend, and that was only because she didn't even try them!

It was really fun for me to watch them all enjoying the harvest!



Brilliant post Marc. It is nice to see kids doing what kids do best, outside using what nature gives them to amuse themselves and find wonder!

Far better than inside glued to some electronic game or the TV!

Your garden is looking great.



Iºm sure small fingers are much more deft at getting peas out of pods. One good use of child labour!


Beautiful peas! How do you keep the bugs away? I'm not doing very well with the bug battle or the weed battle for that matter. I think I'm getting lazy!


Hi Marc,
I enjoy your blog. Your peas look great. What variety did you grow? Thanks.

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