Thursday, October 2, 2008

October Greenhouse Creation!

That's right, I am building a greenhouse!

Many gardeners have put away the tools for the season, content to wait until Spring to ramp it back up. A few of my regular readers and friends have asked me if that is what is going on with me.

It's true that I haven't written much lately, but as for quitting garden activity - NO WAY, NOT ME! I have been extremely busy in the garden, planting many Fall/Winter crops and designing and building my very own Greenhouse.

It has taken about a month to gather all of the materials needed and get it framed in. Tomorrow I am taking a vacation day from my regular job so I can finish building it this weekend. I have always wanted to have a Poly tunnel or greenhouse but I didn't have room for one. My wife had an idea to build an enormous retaining wall and back fill it to create a space for a greenhouse. The digging took quite a bit of work!

Anyway, I will post a full report on it when it is complete. I just wanted to let you all know that I haven't disappeared and I surely haven't lost interest in gardening.

It has been getting cooler now and the Broccoli, Cabbage and Cauliflower that I planted in late Summer are doing really well. The lettuce has been excellent! Here is my wife and daughter harvesting some from one of the little beds:

When the greenhouse is finished, I will plant more lettuce and spinach inside it so we can harvest all winter long. I will tell you more about the greenhouse and my plans in a few days. In the meantime, its back outside with the tool belt. Wish me luck!



Good luck with the greenhouse - we're in the middle of a similar project so I can empathise. I look forward to seeing your progress!


wowzers, that is one big/little greenhouse. I have been contemplating putting in a similar structure but just over my 5'x4' raised bed. I think I might just do this next weekend. Patiently waiting for the full report on your greenhouse!


I am so impressed, it looks wonderful and I am completely jealous. Can't wait to hear more about it.

Mother Nature's Garden

I'm eager to hear how you will heat it?


Wow, that's awesome and I'm beyond jealous! :)

I'm building a tiny hoop house over a 4x4 raised bed. A much easier project than your massive green house. It seems like lots of garden bloggers are working hard to extend their seasons this year. Good luck with your project.


Wow, that's a huge hoop cover/house! Mine just cover my beds and have flag-pole-stand-like PVC slots for them to fit in. As it is, I have no idea if my hoop cover will hold up to severe fall winds. Something like that would fly like Dorthy's house in Kansas!

I'm really interested in seeing how it comes together for you! Good luck with it!


I look forward to seeing your progress. I would just love a new greenhouse, mine is tiny and has broken glass panes everywhere. You will be able to grow so much more now.

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