Saturday, August 11, 2007

More Black Krims, and More Watering!

We have really been enjoying the Black Krim tomatoes. It may be my new favorite tomato. The Brandywines are coming on strong. I think they are determined to remind me why they are the current favorite. Here is a good picture to show the Blak Krim's unique look:

Here is a bowl of Black Krim slices next to a bowl of a sliced up Early Girl. Notice the drastic difference in color.

The vegetable garden is looking good again because we have been watering it day and night:

Unfortunately, now that the garden plants are greener and healthier than the surrounding plants, the deer are visiting!

I guess that's what gardening is - solving one problem after another. Why do we do it to ourselves? Oh yeah, its to get to see the beauty and eat the bounty!



marc - as I've said before, I'm a huge tomato fan but for some reason I just can't get use to seeing those black krims. The fist time I ever heard of them was when you first posted them on your blog and at first glance, I thought the post was going to be about something horrible that was infecting and destroying your tomatoes. I want to love these tomatoes too...


I'll admit, I've never tried the Black Krims, and like Gina, I'm not sure I will because of the color. But if they are your favorite, they must be good, so maybe I'll try them next year.

Keep on waterin'!

Carol at May Dreams Gardens

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