Tuesday, August 14, 2007

No More Melon Worries and Lots of Salsa!

I no longer have to worry about my cantaloupe being eaten by the animals, but not because I've put up a fence or done anything to stop them. I don't have to worry about them because there are NONE LEFT! Last night the raccoons ate ALL OF THEM!

I know it was raccoons this time by they way the melons were eaten. The flesh of the melons were scooped out. I could see their claw prints on the insides. One of them just had a small hole in the outside, but the entire inside was scooped out.

I bet that took some time to eat. It was left about 20 yards away from where it was grown. I can just imagine that there were several raccoons that did this and one raccoon managed to "pick" this one off the vine and drug it to the middle of the yard so he could have it all to himself while the others devoured them right on the vine. They didn't seem to care if the melons weren't even close to being ripe. They ruined EVERY one, even the smaller ones.

Why did the raccoons do this? Last year we got to enjoy our sweet Ambrosia melons. I think the raccoons left the cantaloupe alone last year because they were too busy eating my corn. I had planned to put up a fence around the corn this year but since I didn't find the time to do so, I didn't plant any corn.

Now it is obvious that a tall fence or an electric fence is in order to be built around the entire garden! More on that later.

As for now, we are focusing on what we do have from the garden. Last night we made 17 and a half pints of garden fresh salsa!

We had enough tomatoes for that many jars because we replaced the tomatoes that were lost from the forest animal party buy buying some extra tomatoes at the farmer's market. I guess now we will have to buy cantaloupe there too!



Sorry to hear about your melons. The salsa looks great.
Sara from farmingfriends


Oh my, how sad :( Sorry to say this but it IS amazing to see that scooped out melon. I can just imagine his tiny fist full of melon, and how much he must have enjoyed himself. Er. . . that bad bad racoon. Bad. Very cute, but bad.


farmingfriends - Thanks! We have not yet tasted the salsa but we are looking forward to it!Thanks

michelle - I agree about the raccoon. I would love to have seen him eating it. I wouldn't mind sharing with the coons but I wish they would have shared with me!


Those pesky critters! I am always sad to lose anything I have been nurturing for months, so sorry (but quite funny at the same time) That salsa looks fantastic!


Hey, after seeing your pictures I just figured out what ate four large Charentais french melons in my garden last week!! I should have known, because a few weeks before we lost a chicken to racoons...

Thanks for the great photos.

Leigh from A Larrapin Garden

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