Sunday, April 27, 2008

Green Thumb Sunday Tomatoes and Going to Bakersville!

The early tomatoes that were planted outside this week are doing great! Here is my first baby picture:

See it? Its right in the center of the picture, small but oh so cute. Grow quickly little fella!

Around here folks always say that if you don't like the weather just wait a day or two because it changes drastically. It works the same way in reverse too. Thursday and Friday were perfect Spring tomato weather days with highs in the 80's and lows in the 60's. Last night however it got down to 36 degrees and tonight is supposed to be even lower! Yesterday I had to spring into action and construct the temporary lean-to greenhouse. Last night, this it what my early tomatoes looked like:

Here is what they looked like inside:

It was enough to get them through last night. Hopefully tonight and the rest of the cold front will be okay too. If I would have left them out in the open, I probably wouldn't have them today for Green Thumb Sunday!

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Next Sunday I will get to be with the man who possibly has the greatest green thumb of all - Jere Gettle of Baker Creek Heirloom Seeds.

What an amazing business he and his wife Emilee have established by collecting and growing 1200 unique heirloom seed varieties. The reason I may get to meet him next Sunday is because I'm headed to Bakersville! Next Sunday and Monday, May 4th and 5th is Baker Creek's Annual Spring Planting and Heritage Festival.

Yes, Baker Creek is in Missouri and I live in Kentucky. They are 9 hours away but I can't think of a better gardening pilgrimage. Last year they had over 5000 people attend and many vendors. It will be neat to see their set up, the town they have built and the period costumes and demonstrations. The speakers at the festival should be spectacular as well. If you live anywhere near Mansfield Missouri or are willing to drive long distances like me, you should really check out this event. I would love to hear from anyone who has attended in the past and find out if anyone I know is going this year. It would be fun to meet up with a fellow garden blogger or someone who reads this blog.

I am pretty excited about going. My family and I are making a whole vacation out of it. See you in Bakersville!



Im terrified to start my tomatoes yet. We had an unexpected snow last week, after weeks of nice weather. I hope your little guy grows to be one suculent tomatoe! Happy GTS!

No Rain

I have an Early Girl almost ready to eat. Can't wait. I only plant one tomatoe plant each year, and savor every last one of them. The tomato plants won't set the blooms when it goes over 90, and we are there now, so what's on the bush will be it.
Happy GTS,


Might just see you there...


Congrats Mark,


My 4th of July's are doing great also. I had to trim off the flowers because i want to forced them to grow a little more until they go into the ground. I am planning on two more weeks since I expect tomatoes by June 30. How i have manage to grow 22 Fourth of Julys, and 4 of each 7 other tom veriaties, plus pepper plants in a single 2x4 light fixture is beyond me. All i know timing is right, and the aluminum foil helped a lot reflecting all light posible back to the plants. Next year i definetely need another light fixture. Keep us up to date & thanks for the post very interesting.

Emilee Gettle

Thanks for your kind words! So glad to hear you'll be able to come to the festival! We hope you'll enjoy your time at Baker Creek and Bakersville! Have a safe trip!!

Emilee Gettle
Baker Creek Heirloom Seed Co.


You have flowers on your tomatoes already. Mine are about 4 inches tall and way behind because I was a wee bit lazy in planting them.

I do have 2 Cherokee purple tomatoes that I was given that are planted in the garden.

Your tomatoes look awesome and soon you will have tasty red fruits.

Curtis from Growing Thumbs

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