Monday, April 7, 2008

Vacations are hard on the garden!

Here's an obvious fact: you can't work in your garden while you're on vacation. I have often realized that after returning from a Summer vacation, so this year we took an early Spring vacation. Leaving on March 30th for a week or so, I thought would be a great time for a vacation. After all, not much is going on in the garden yet. Of course I only thought that until we returned. We had a great time on vacation visiting my brother and family (I have a new baby nephew!) and even getting away for a quiet night alone with my wife, but I have soooo much to do now.

Yesterday I worked all day in the yard and garden and I journaled about it the old fashioned way - on paper. Soon I will convert that to these electronic pages to document how things are going with my peas, garlic, potato onions, lettuce, early tomatoes etc.

While on vacation I didn't entirely leave the garden behind. I found a great little old fashioned general store in the mountains of Kentucky with cheap seeds and seed potatoes. I bought more peas, beans, onion sets and 40 pounds of seed potatoes - so now I have even more to do!

I bought some Red Pontiac and Irish Cobbler potatoes. Hopefully I will get them planted this week! The weather is great now and Spring is springing - how exciting!

So this is just a quick post to let you know that I haven't abandoned Garden Desk or my garden. Quite the opposite is true. Stay tuned for more....



Very true Marc! Once we go on Vacation the garden seems to go into overdrive and the weeds too. Have to play hell just catching up


cool looking potatoes. never saw them before.

Garden Furniture

sI always tend to find that after I go away for a few days something drastic happens, last weekend I spent at my sisters and like you thought what could possibly go wrong, I came back to find that a part from a whole new batch of debris, the five strong stalks that carry the fronds on my pampas grass (it took ages to get fronds on) have collapsed with the weekend weather and lay across the garden, I know there is nothing I could have done to stop it but I always think it never happened while I was at home.

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