Wednesday, May 30, 2007

Come on Early Tomatoes, Ripen Up!

Part of Wordless Wednesday

These are my extra early Early Girl Tomatoes that I'm trying to get a month or two early!

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jams o donnell

fresh garden tomatoes so early. Wonderful. happy WW


mmm. I can taste them already!

Jarid & Caydon's Wishlist

That is wonderful. I wouldn't dare start a veggie garden flowers always die on me. I would not want to know what I could do to veggies.


We have some good-sized tomatoes on a couple of vines too. I can't wait!


I'm impressed. Tomatoes hate me.

Comedy +

You are going to have some beautiful tomotoes soon. Yummy. Happy WW. :)

Pearls of Wisdom

Oh I love fresh tomatoes. Great garden photos. Thanks for sharing and Happy WW.

Angel Mama():)


Nothing better than homegrown tomatoes eaten while still warm from the sun - here in Australia Im waiting for the last of the summers toms' to ripen - enjoy your coming summer. Happy WW, I played too!


Happy WW =)


I love fresh tomatoes. Good luck!


fresh garden tomatoes ... yummy!
lucky gardener! :))

happy WW


They're starting to look a little pinkish. How much longer do you think? Two weeks?

dawnae are making my tomatoes look really sad...sniff sniff....enjoy those beauties...I better get outside and weed, mulch and water.....


come on tomatos, you can do it!!!


They're getting there. Mine are about the size of marbles.


Oooooh, some good eating is coming!

Central FLA Gardener

great blog! i grew up in southern indiana (evansville) but all my family comes from nelson county, bourbon country. so your veg garden looks very familiar to me, just like my grandma's in bardstown in a quiet corner of the farm.

Yolanda Elizabet

Your early tomatoes look good. I grow tomatoes too and train them up a spiral.


It´s very impressive! My balcony tomatoes just started flowering and I´m still doing some trimming.
Are you happy with those tomato cages?
Nice blogs

Gotta Garden

Look at those! They look great!

Gotta Garden

P.S. I meant to tell you also that I've put up a tomato post with a picture of Eva's Purple Ball...seems to be recovering (fingers crossed)!

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