Thursday, May 17, 2007

Extra Early Tomato Update!

As you may already know, I have a goal to harvest ripe tomatoes from my Early Girl tomato plants by June 24th. I haven't done all that I planned to do in order to help that occur, but the tomatoes are doing pretty well.

There are a dozen or so tomatoes coming on, and the bigger ones are a bit larger than a golf ball. I wrote extensivly about this in some previous posts. If you want to get caught up you can read them HERE and HERE.

Ripe tomatoes in June may not sound very impressive to you southern gardeners, but it is here in northern Kentucky. To put it in the proper perspective, I picked my first ripe tomato last year on August 5th.

I didn't put down the black plastic that I planned to, so I hope these cool nights are not slowing down the tomato growth too much. Keep your fingers crossed for me! I'll let you know how they did in about six weeks!



I went outside last night to find slugs had eaten two of my four tomato seedlings.

I know slug pellets aren't organic - but is it ok if I use napalm?


I'm impressed! My earliest tomato is usually around July 20th-21st, and since I haven't done much different this year, that is probably when I'll get my first tomato this summer.

Good luck!

Opal: Vegan Momma

That is impressive. I'm in Maryland. I don't have any tomatoes on my vine yet.


Wow! I think you're going to make your goal. My tomato plants are just small little things right now. The earliest I can hope for tomatoes might be the end of July or so.

I love fresh tomatoes. Looks like you'll be enjoying some soon. Oh and Early girl tastes pretty good too.

Here for Green Thumb.


Hey, I live in California and my tomatoes don't look like that. Are you sure you don't live next to a nuclear power plant or something?
It looks like you might be harvesting at the beginning of June.
BTW early girls are my favorite all around tomato plant.


I think this is the most interesting gardening experiment going on in the blogosphere right now.

When you succeed (because I know you will) and have your tomato in June, you should create a banner that says, "Home of the June 24th Tomato". :)


OK...I was feeling all impressed about my little teeny tomato, but yours are fabulous! What a great experiment...I'm cheering you on!

Gotta Garden

Looking good! Just wanted to let you know that the tomato you gave me the advice on is still alive (which is good...considering I haven't planted it yet and it is living on top of my hose-holder!)! Tomorrow, yes tomorrow, I'm going to get some of those tomatoes in the ground. Btw, I have a tiny tomato on the Sungold (my absolute favorite cherry tomato)...none of my doing, considering it is near the tomato! Now, that's a good plant...trying to fruit under terrible circumstances and in the shade!

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