Wednesday, May 9, 2007

While Gardening, Wear A Hat - But Which One?

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jams o donnell

Very funny and a very tolerant cat.. my four would ahve my hand off it I tried to get them to wear a bonnet!


very cool--bet you had a lot of fun doing that! Have a good one!


Hilarious! I can't choose my favourite. Do you have scars?


That is so cute, you you have a very calm cat.


Great photos, the cat must have been very relaxed :-O


This is just too funny & way too cute. I vote for the night cap but please tell me some one else in your house has a very small head & that this cat doesn't really own a selection of hats . . . lol


Our kitten is very calm and tolerant. My daughters did this with Macy (the cat's name) on their own - pictures and all.

And no, those hats don't belong exclusively to Macy. They are from my daughters' American Girl dolls.

The girls have too much fun with Macy!


LOL! Good cat!


Oh bless, I love them all, not sure the cat does though.


AWESOME. so cute


I would have lost blood at least. Great shots.


such a cute and tolerant kitty. my housemates cat would have ripped us a new one by the second hat.

L.L. Barkat

What a good sport that kitty is!


Too cute!!! Those are lovely hats .. :)


Oh how funny! The cat does not look very amused though!


Only savage beasts fail comprehend the importance of a good accessory. Glad to know your kitty is of a refined nature!

Happy WW!

I'm partial to the little Scottish plaid hat.

Janie Hickok Siess, Esq.

Cute, but the cat does not look thrilled.

My dogs would rip those hats off and eat them in a flash. Especially Sophie. No patience for that kind of stuff.

My favorite is the 2nd one. Looks like the cat got it from the Queen during her current visit.

Michael - Lover of Amy

kitty abuse! kitty abuse!

We have a new one in our household. Pan down on my blog to meet Pixel.


You have a good sport there!


ha ha~ Thats fabtastic!


How adorable! Being mum to two Scotties (who dress on ocassion), we vote for the lovely plaid chapeau!!!


My favorite is this one :)


Poor Poor kitty cat. lol

Pearls of Wisdom

These are so cute! Thanks for sharing and Happy WW. I have a cat and a bunch of hats brb...LOL Happy WW.

Angel Mama ( Pearls of Wisdom)


what a great hat collection!!!


elegant cat! very cute.

Cats ~ Goats ~ Quotes

What a beautiful kitty cat!
Those eyes!!! :)
Happy WW


So funny - and what a cooperative cat!


For gardening, definitely the first one though they are all too cute! My photo today has cats, too - though in a totally different way!


Where did you get hats that fit a cat! Marvelously fun!

Chris @ Real Horses

And I thought we were bad about doing stuff to our horses. Now if only I could find apparel that was big enought to fit a 2000lb horse...Hmmmm ya think theres a market?

Happy WW!


So many pretty hats to choose from :-). Happy WW
Have a great day!


Cute hats! :) They all look lovely! I don't own any hats myself, yet, but I'm expecting one in the mail!

Imma ( Alice)

OMG... too cute!! My cat would NEVER put up with that "indignity" and "stupidity"... lol.

Everyone is invited to my blog, hope to see you there. :o)


A cat of many disguises :-)

Jenns Three Graces

My cats would be very embarrased if I dressed them up - they get "the look" - however my little girl Autumn loves her cozy sweaters but she's just a puppy that gets chilly. Jennifer

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