Sunday, May 27, 2007

A Child's Garden for Green Thumb Sunday!

I haven't been very good at displaying a green thumb this spring, but my 10-year-old daughter has! I am very proud of how well she has done with her cool season garden bed. This year we built two 12x3 garden beds exclusively for her and her sister to work with. She decided that one bed would be for cool season veggies and the other for the warm season crops. Here is her beautiful cool-season bed:

On one end she planted broccoli and several kinds of leaf lettuce.

In the middle, she planted more leaf lettuce, head lettuce, spinach and garlic.

On the other end, she planted onions and more spinach and lettuce.

Also notice the two potato plants on the top right of the above picture. When we built the new raised bed for her, we dug some dirt out of the existing garden. The most fertile soil was from where we planted potatoes last year. While digging, my daughter found two of last year's potatoes, so she decided to stick them in her garden to see if they would grow. Of course with her green thumb, they are growing like crazy! Now we know where Sammy, her Guinea Pig gets her green thumb from!

We have already enjoyed eating salads from her garden. It has been great because she has at least five different types of lettuce and spinach. I am so glad that she planted this cool-season garden, because I didn't plant any spring lettuce or broccoli. I was much too busy working on building our deck. By the way, it is getting closer to being finished. The floor is done, so we were able to put the furniture out.

But this post is NOT about the deck, it is about my 10-year-old Green Thumb Daughter. My other daughter has a pretty good green thumb too. She planted a whole bed of flowers in the main garden but they are all still very small. I'm sure I will have beautiful pictures of it to post in about a month. It's nice having good gardeners for daughters to pick up the slack for ol' dad.

Happy Green Thumb Sunday, and have a great Memorial Day!

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I love the idea of children having theirown piece of garden. Hasn't she done well!


How nice that your daugther has a garden bed she can call her own. She has a green thumb, for sure. I am envious of those wonderful looking broccoli plants! Everything looks great.


I am impressed that your 10 year old daughter knows the difference between cool season and warm season vegetables. And good for you giving them their own garden beds to plant in. I look forward to seeing what both are growing as the summer progresses.


Marc, your daughter's garden beds are wonderful! I agree with Carol -- she's making impressive distinctions. Happy Green Thumb Sunday to you!

Captain Lifecruiser

Happy Memorial Day :-)

Ah, that's just so nice to read that your daughters are participating in the garden! I wish that my parents have had a garden when I were a child so I could have done the same...

Her bed looks really good, she has been like a pro gardener :-)

(Thanks for stopping by)

Mimi Lenox

This reminds me of the garden my parents used to have when I was a child....rows and rows and endless rows of beans and potatoes and etc etc etc...Nice blog. Now on with my pitch.

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Thanks and peace!


I bet she is proud of her garden. My kids have just begun to learn about gardening but are very interested in it and the worms in the soil.

Her garden looks very nice.

Doug Green

I raised 4 kids in the garden - most of them paid their way through school by working in garden centers/lawn care at some point and even apartment city-bound, they still have some vestige of greenery in their lives. Good start!

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