Sunday, May 13, 2007

My Mom's Garden for Green Thumb Mother's Day!

Happy Mother's Day and Happy Green Thumb Sunday! It promises to be a beautiful day here. The weather will be perfect for going to church and for visiting my wife's mom and family for a cookout!

Last weekend we were treated to a cookout with my mom and family. My mom and step-dad are great gardeners. Their vegetable garden hasn't been planted yet, but their entire yard looks like it belongs in Better Homes and Gardens Magazine!

I thought it would be appropriate to show my mom's gardens for Mother's Day and Green Thumb Sunday.

I just love their water garden with all of the fish. It looks like a natural pond with a great waterfall. The pond is complete with aquatic plants, but many of them will be more visible later in the season. My step-dad will probably say that I should have waited to show pictures of his pond until then, but I think it looks great even now. I don't know how he got to be so good at aquatic gardening. One day he just started digging, and before long he had a great custom built water garden!

It's not just water gardening that he and my mom are good at. Every where you look there are beautiful and unique flowers and plants.

I had fun taking pictures of my mom's gardens and had a great time visiting with her, my step-dad and many other family and friends. Today, we are set to do it again with my wife's family.

Happy Mother's Day Mom!

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What a beautiful garden the water garden is a dream, I love the waterfall. Hope your Mum had a lovely day.


Beautiful and amazing. Really love the waterfall and koi. I hope you'll update us with more pictures when the water garden is busier with plants. Hope you all enjoyed your Mom's Day as much as I did.


A little late visiting this week but your mother's garden is lovely. Very peaceful looking.

Gotta Garden

So that's where you get it!! It's in your genes!! What wonderful gardens they have...and I agree, where are those BH&G photographers??!


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