Monday, June 18, 2007

As dry as it gets!

We still have not had rain. This is the driest June ever for my garden. There are places in the yard that have such big cracks that you could almost turn your ankle stepping in them.

For visual reference, here is a picture of my daughter's foot by the cracks:

She tried to fill in the crack with water from the hose, but any water she put in it just disappeared far into the ground.

I have been keeping up with watering everything pretty well until this weekend. Everything got really dry since I wasn't home at all from Wednesday until Sunday because I was spending nearly every waking moment with my Dad at the hospital.

He is still hanging in there but we are taking it day by day. Thank you to all who wished him well.

Today I took the day off and stayed home. I was able to catch up on the watering enough for everything to still stay living. The vegetables look pretty good but some of the flowers got pretty crunchy. Despite the heat, we are still getting good tasting lettuce from the garden. Today we ate huge chef salads with our lettuce, a hot wax pepper, and a few more tomatoes from the garden. The first ripe tomato was eaten on sandwiches on Father's Day. It was soooo good.

I sure hope it rains soon, so the rest of the tomatoes and other veggies can keep growing well.



I live in Northeast Fla.

We need rain also.

Hang in there.


Hey Marc,
I must say the drought situation looks pretty bad, but I hope your plants will be o.k.!

Sorry to hear about your dad.

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