Sunday, June 10, 2007

Store Bought Tomato Cages not Good Enough

On my last post about my extra early tomatoes, Italman asked if I was happy with the tomato cages in the photo. They were just the average four ring "cages" that you can buy at most garden centers, hardware stores and even grocery stores.

Well Italman, since the cage on the left just fell over, the answer is NO!

At least my curtain rod stake (gardeners will use anything) kept the cage from falling all the way to the ground.

I was able to repair the problem by securing some other collapsible tomato cages to the outside of the flimsy cages.

Now that these early girl tomato plants are upright again, they are over four feet tall!

I have about 40 more tomato plants that are still small. They will all need some kind of support as well. The store bought cages WILL work for some varieties if they are bush type or determinate. The indeterminate tomatoes need something better. My favorite methods are the "Florida Stake and Weave", "Topless Tables" and my own special "tomato trellis". I will write about all of these more as the season goes on. I wrote a post last year about my tomato trellis and topless tables if you want to know more about them.

As for now, I'm just glad that my extra-early tomatoes are still growing. My goal is still to have ripe ones by my birthday on June 24th. That date is coming up soon. Here is what the tomatoes look like right now:

Do you think they will make it in time?

If so, maybe I could claim to have a green thumb after all!

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Hello Marc,
thank you for answering my question regarding those tomato cages. I must say DO IT YOURSELF method works best for me in most cases. I love to hear this kind of attitude: ˝..(gardeners will use anything)..˝!
After all, it´s all about making our plants happier and healthier.


oh i'm so jealous! my tomato is maybe 2 feet tall and it has three contenders. it doesn't even need a cage. i'm going to print these pictures to hang in front of it for inspiration!

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gardenmomma (Chris)

Necessity is the mother of invention, they say! I'm jealous, too! They're going to taste sooooooooo good! Post another photo of a basket of ripe ones, please!

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