Thursday, June 21, 2007

Veggie Garden Info Banners

As you probably already know, I have been working with It is going very well thanks to all of the support from our contributers. Since Veggie it is a new site however, we are having some CSS and JavaScript difficulties. We have created some buttons for featured bloggers and fans to post on their sites, but we are unable to get them to work properly. So the temporary fix is for me to share them with you here on Garden Desk! The first two are for you to use if you have had an article or post appear on VeggieGardenInfo. The last two are for anyone to use who has a blog or site and wants to help us with promotion. Let us know if you put one of these buttons on your site but you don't have a veggie article to submit. We can still work out a link to your site or blog if you would like. So here goes.
In each case, copy the code below the button and paste it in your sidebar or post.

Use this one if you have contributed to the site:

Use this one only in a post or header. It is too large for a sidebar.

The next two are for anyone and can be used in the sidebar or anywhere.

This next one is my favorite!

Thank you to all who use these banners. If you would like to be linked from Veggie Garden Info by contributing a blog article, leave a comment below or visit the Suggest a Veggie Article page on Thanks, and happy gardening!



Marc: Very cool! I just added one of your great info banners on my website. Now I just need some time to get into my garden and actually blog about it . . . . ;)


Marc, I added a banner onto my Blog. Thanks for putting some of my posts in my blog on the site.

Bare Bones Gardener

Hey just letting you know I've added a link to your great site from mine

wow gold

wow gold wow gold wow gold wow gold

Ms. Annette

I've been reading and enjoying your blog.

I have added your banner to my humble blog.

Thanks for making it available.

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