Friday, June 15, 2007

First Ripe Tomato on June 15th!

Hooray! We picked our first ripe tomato this morning, June 15th! It was my goal to be able to harvest the first ripe tomato by my birthday on June 24th, so It looks like we made it!

My daughter has been watching it all week.

She wanted to pick it on Wednesday, and we probably could have, but I wanted it to turn all the way red on the vine. When we picked it this morning, she was happy to hold it.

As for my goal, I still want to eat garden fresh BLTs on my birthday. I'm pretty sure we will be able to because many other tomatoes are almost ripe.

I wanted to write more about my tomatoes and many other things going on in the garden, but I haven't had much time lately. My Dad is in the hospital. He has been battling cancer for some time now, and earlier this week he had a stroke. I am leaving to go back to the hospital now, but first I wanted to share with you my wonderful early tomato. I feel like a proud parent!

Isn't it beautiful? Maybe I can eat it for Father's Day!



That tomato is totally awesome! I can't believe you haven't eaten it already, or that someone has eaten it.

Hope your dad is doing better.

May this be the first of many, many more tomatoes to come out of your garden this year.


Best wishes to you and your dad.

Well done on your tomato triumph



Its like getting a trophy for your hard work.


Sorry to hear about your dad.

But that ripe tomato is great news! Congratulations! Not only did you get that early ripe tomato, but you beat your deadline by 9 days. Awesome!


wow that is a lovely pad.
It is a lot of work and it is great.
I can imagine a toasted tomato sandwich. Ummmm.

mine is up

gardenmomma (Chris)

Doesn't something out of your garden always taste better? You should be so proud! I only have herbs, mostly to attract bees and butterflies, and a lone jalopeno plant. I brought in 4 ripe pepper plants, so we will be eating hot this week! :) I have a huge plant of basil, so maybe I should try to incorporate that, as well?
Best wishes for you dad!


I'm sorry to hear about your dad.
My thoughts are with you.

Your tomato is beautiful and looks quite tasty. You will have to let us know how good it was.

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