Thursday, June 21, 2007

Introducing Veggie Garden Info!

And there are many other great blogs (better than Garden Desk) featured there as well.

So what is I'm glad you asked!

I have been blogging here at Garden Desk for over a year now, and reading good garden blogs for several years. I enjoy reading about all aspects of gardening, but vegetable and fruit gardening are my favorites.

This Spring there were hundreds of great gardening posts, but I would many times have to search to find the entries about vegetables. Maybe I'm the only one who enjoys vegetable gardening more than other types of gardening, but if you are like me then you will love!

Veggie Garden Info is a site that I started with a little help from my friends that highlights the blogs, blog posts and Internet articles about Veggie gardening and topics related to veggie gardening.

The site has only been live for two weeks, and we are on a role! The contributors are great! We have already had to expand the topics to include any kind of "edible gardening" which includes veggies, fruit, herbs, cooking and more.

I've rambled here long enough. You should check out Veggie Garden Info for yourself! Let us know if YOU would like to participate or if you have any ideas to make the site better. It truly is for all gardeners, garden bloggers and Garden blog readers.

The post below this one contains buttons and banners that you can use to link to Veggie Garden Info.

After this post, I won't be mentioning Veggie Garden Info any more here on Garden Desk. I have to get back to blogging about all the things going on in my garden, and there is a lot going on! We finally had some rain and everything is growing like a weed (especially the weeds)!

So thank you for allowing me time for this commercial break. Thanks, and Happy gardening!


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Hey Marc,
keep up the good work!


Looks good. Great job on creating the site.

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