Sunday, June 24, 2007

Birthday Tomato Update for Green Thumb Sunday!

Well today is June 24th - my birthday. I'm not usually focused on my own birthday, but this year my #1 gardening goal was to have ripe tomatoes by now. June tomatoes are unusual for me here in the Cincinnati area. Last year it was August before I got ripe ones.

Not this year!

A wonderful birthday present. Actually the tomato pictured is the 6th Early Girl tomato this year (and actually is much smaller than the others). The first one was on June 15th. Next year, my family wants to shoot for a May ripe tomato!

I said "my family" instead of just me because it really has become a fun family thing working on reaching the goal. My daughters even wanted to protect our early plants from hungry or thirsty animals so much that they encouraged me to fence the plants in.

Usually animals don't bother tomatoes, but in the midst of our drought, animals might go after ripe tomatoes for the water content.

We have been seeing many foxes and raccoons lately so this fence will keep them out.

Soory, only humans are permitted to enjoy these garden fresh, vine ripened organic birthday tomatoes!

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HAPPY BIRTHDAY... what a great gift that tomato is. What a challenge next year would be to get a tomato in May! Love the photos. Happy GTS too.


HAPPY BIRTHDAY, MARC! That is one beautiful tomato! Enjoy your day.


A great tomato and a fun photo. Happy Birthday.
Sara from farmingfriends


Happy Birthday! I am very jealous of those ripe tomatoes you have there! Enjoy.


Happy B-Day and congrats on the tomato.

That's a great pic.

Happy GTS too

Laurie & Chris

Happy Birthday!! The tomato looks delicious. We didn't get any vegi's planted this year:(


As the rhyme goes:

Happy birthday to you
Squashed tomato and stew.


Happy birthday, Marc! That's a fabulous picture -- I laughed out loud (in delight) when I saw it.


Congratulations! I love the photo concept and execution.


Ok, I'm totally jealous. What's your secret? How'd you get ripe tomatoes this early?! I just got baby tomatoes this week! *sniff*


One day late, but all the best! Happy Birthday, Marc!


I was just looking at Veggie Garden Info. Its looking really nice. I like just clicking on a single site to see what's up with a lot of veggie blogs. Your format is great. Awesome job!

(Only one little request: could you add a second "p" in Skippy's name someday?)

Oh, and Happy Birthday!


Happy birthday, Marc, and congratulations on your early tomatoes!


Marc: Just another post to let you know I've tagged you for a meme - 7 random things about yourself.

Go to my post to learn more:


Happy birthday! May every year bring you more early tomatoes. :)

Gotta Garden

Wow! You did it!! Great presentation! May,'ll have to write a book or at least a magazine article if you (and I think you will) succeed with that one!

Good for you! Happy (now) belated Birthday! Did you make BLTs??!


sorry I'm late, but happy birthday! that's quite a nice birthday "mater" you have there!

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