Thursday, February 15, 2007

Dangerous Ice but Beauty in the Garden!

We have had a lot of freezing rain and everything is covered in ice. Many people stress out in times like these, but I like to look for the beauty in it instead.

Sure you have to be extra careful when driving, and be prepared for a power outage, but isn't it amazing how the water can freeze instantly as it is dripping off of the trees?

If you want to see even more of nature's beauty in the ice, you have to head out to the garden and focus on smaller things like this ornamental grass.

But you can't even stop here. You have to get closer still.

The droplets are solid yet liquid, random yet uniform, still and yet full of motion.

God is so big and yet he seems to delight in creating beauty even in the so small.

Yesterday was difficult traveling in the ice and snow, but as everyone around me on the highway and at work were grumpy and upset about the weather, I was able to remain focused on the fact that it is all from God and it is all beautiful.

Even still, I hope this morning's commute is a little less treacherous!



Stunning photos of the wonders of nature--ice!

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