Friday, February 23, 2007

Garden 2007 To Do List

In my earlier post about what I should be blogging about in February, I came up with a list of "new" things that I plan to do this year in the vegetable garden to hopefully make the harvest better. I wanted to post the list again since I will be referring back to it in the coming weeks.

The original list:

Now for a few more items that need to be addressed BEFORE the outdoor season:

I realize that my list is pretty big. I will try to write posts addressing each thing on the list to either report that I accomplished an item, or explain my ideas. Later in the season I will report back on each item to see how I did. As I write a new post, I will update this post by making each item on the list a link to the corresponding post.

This post will become "home base" for monitoring and reporting my "to do list" progress.

Doing all of this may be more for me than for you the reader. Possibly we will learn some things together.

Happy Gardening 2007!


Gotta Garden

Okay, we're going to hold you accountable! Just kidding! Good for you, garden resolutions! Have you read of Thomas Jefferson's gardening? I think you would like it, if you haven't. He kept incredible records.

Can't wait to see those heirloom tomato pictures for this year!


I hadn't read of Jefferson's gardening...until your post. Thanks for sharing that with us and thanks for commenting here!

I hope to have lots of heirloom tomato pictures for you!

charles edwards

Gardening is an around the year thing and as winter is hetre I have just cleared the garden of the dead leaves and plants ready for new bulbs in the spring, I have also just dig out an area for a fire pits ready for the bbq season.

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