Monday, February 12, 2007

This Weather is for the Birds!

I'm not sure when people began saying things they didn't like was for the birds, but when it comes to cold weather I don't think the birds like it much! They do enjoy the seed that we give them in our back yard though. We have quite an assortment of birds, and my daughters really enjoy learning the names of each kind. This winter, we have more cardinals than ever before.

That is appropriate since the cardinal is the Kentucky State Bird! They don't seem to like being photographed at the feeders though! Every time we try to take their picture from the window, they fly up in to the tree. Even though we can't get a good close-up of them, these pictures show how many cardinals we have as visitors.

All of the birds are bashful when we try to take their picture or get close to them. All of them except this one little Tufted Titmouse!

He came to the window begging for us to put more cat food out! I guess he saw the cats do it successfully, so he tried it too. He must have been pretty proud of himself because it worked for him as well!

Writing about the birds and cold snowy weather makes me think of our baby robins form this past warm and sunny summer! I reported this past summer when we found the nest and when the nest had problems, but I never wrote about what happened to those sweet little robins!

I will get my pictures together and have a post about them tomorrow! Seeing all of those pictures of summer will help me get through the ice and snow that we will have here tonight and tomorrow! :)


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