Thursday, February 15, 2007

Hippeastrum for Bloom Day!

Carol at May Dreams Gardens is starting a monthly Garden Blogger's Bloom Day in which we are to write a post about what is blooming in our gardens on the 15th of each month. February is probably the month with the least amount of blooms, but it makes it easy for me. I only have one thing blooming right now, but the blooms are gigantic - My Hippeastrum!

These photos were taken a few days ago, but the Hippeastrum is still beautiful today. There are actually more blooms now than pictured. These pictures are from last week's post. In that post, I showed a close-up of a fungus gnat. I am not including those pictures here because this is about the beauty of the bloom!

Thanks Carol for coming up with the idea. I can hardly wait to see what everyone posts in the next few months!



What a gorgeous bloom! It's very cheery against that crisp, white snow.


Thanks for the compliment Genie! That was my daughter's idea to show the contrast by moving it next to the window. She is only thirteen but she's ready to take over in the photography department!


That is beautiful....

but I am now reminded that I have nothing in bloom right now :(


Marc, Thanks for participating! If you are going to have just one bloom, it's nice that it is a big, red, showing bloom or two.

Carol at May Dreams Gardens

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