Tuesday, February 20, 2007

What should a garden blogger write in February?

What should a garden blogger be writing about in February? This is the question I've been asking of myself all month. Of course it depends on a lot of different things, and to me it raises a second question: Why do you even write a garden blog? I'm not exactly sure about my answers to these questions, but I know why I garden and why I started a garden blog. For me, the main reason for gardening is to harvest bountiful produce!

A good way to ensure that I get the maximum harvest possible, is by recording which varieties of vegetables have performed well and which have not. It also helps to record what I as the gardener did to help or hurt the success of the harvest.

I started raising an intense vegetable garden back in the early 1990's when there was no such thing as blogging or the World Wide Web. There WAS such a thing as logging - keeping track of things in written form. Blogging is simply short for Web Logging - keeping track of things in written form via the Web. I "logged" my garden season on paper, sitting at my physical "Garden Desk" in the middle of my vegetable garden. I started this blog entitled Garden Desk to do the same thing as back then, only this time with pictures!

The other difference between a web log and a paper log is that others can read it and even comment on it! Of course you know that already, but isn't that the most interesting thing about blogging? You can actually communicate with and get feedback from other gardeners. Think about it. That is the true power of blogging.

Unfortunately that can also be the thing that distracts you as the author. Can that cause you to get away from your original reason for blogging in the first place? That brings us back to my original questions. Why do I write a garden blog? The real reason for me is what is written under my title; to document the happenings in my organic garden. If I'm able to get some readers interested and they are kind enough to comment on what I'm doing, then all the better. But even if I can't keep readers interested, I STILL should blog to aid in the success of MY garden.

With that in mind, what should I be blogging about in February? I think I should be writing out my strategies for making the upcoming season a success! I should be forming my battle plan, my game plan if you will.

I have come up with a list of "new" things that I plan to do this year to hopefully make the harvest better.

  • I will use companion planting strategies.
  • I will grow Horse Radish to keep Blister Beetles Away.
  • I will build a tall fence around my corn to keep critters out.
  • I will use vertical gardening techniques to grow crops on the fence.
  • I will use raised beds and square foot garden beds.
  • I will use the Florida Stake and Weave for most of my tomatoes.
  • I will try to have early tomatoes ripe by July 1st!
  • I will grow many new heirloom tomatoes!
  • I will use more composting techniques including "worm composting".
  • I will try for giant pumpkins.
  • I will try some new vegetables and fruits that I haven't grown before.
I'm sure if I thought a little longer, I could come up with more. Wow, I think I just wrote an outline for what I should blog about for the rest of February! I answered my title question.

What about you? Why do you write a garden blog and what do you think we should be blogging about in February? Many people will not read this entire post, so if you actually have, please comment and let us know YOUR thoughts.




I blog for the same reason. I'm no good at keeping a paper log, so I use my blog to record things. What am I blogging about in February? Books via the Garden Bloggers' Book Club, butterflies via Green Thumb Sunday, current blooms via Garden Bloggers' Bloom Day, a trip to a conservatory, the NJ Flower Show, and hopefully about the seeds I've ordered for my gardens.

Gotta Garden

There's lots to talk about! I use this time for catching up as during The Season, I'm outside more than in. All those photos I've taken, all those gardens I've visited, books I've read, anything garden related is fair game! I like your thoughts...you seem very organized! And those veggies look very yum!


Great answers! You are right about having more time inside this time of year. We should use this time to catch up and to better prepare for the upcoming outdoor growing season.

Thanks for the comments!


Wow, tomatoes by July 1st?!? Awesome goal! Be sure that you also have bread, mozzarella, olive oil and basil ready for July 1st too. Because those first tomatoes always taste best on a tomato sandwich.

I'm blogging about blogging right now. Not a lot of gardening going on in February, other than getting ready to start seeds.

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